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About us

JA Fine Jewelry is not just a business; it's a reflection of our family's passion for the art of jewelry. As a family-owned enterprise, we place the values of love, dedication, and quality at the forefront of everything we do. Combining a harmonious blend of modern and traditional styles, we take great pride in selecting, designing, and acquiring exquisite pieces. Our focus is on crafting bespoke, handcrafted engagement rings and fashion jewelry that perfectly embody your unique style and celebrate the special moments in your life. With us, you're not just a customer; you become a part of our extended family.


Our values

Here at JA Fine Jewelry, we don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach for any of our clients. Each client that works with us is going to achieve a unique and tailored approach that suits THEM to make sure that they not only get the experience they deserve, but the final outcome is truly PERFECT. 

We are committed to becoming your jeweler for life. Whether you are starting the design and diamond selection from scratch, repurposing a family heirloom or designing your own personal collection piece, we are here for you! 

Our team of diamond and jewelry experts, like our diamonds and jewelry, have been hand selected to provide you with the highest levels of integrity, education, personalization and overall service beyond that of your traditional jeweler. 

JA Fine Jewelry adheres to the highest standards in the industry with deep knowledge of its process to help guide you through your journey without costing massive markups. 

Together, we are not just making jewelry, but memories that will last a lifetime to come & we are honored to be on this journey with you! 

Jonathan Pottow, Founder & President

Jonathan Pottow is the founder & president of JA Fine Jewelry. Having spent almost a decade in high end luxury retail, Jonathan found a better way to pair his clients with luxury jewelry that better served their wants and needs. 

Jonathan and his wife, Tara, have been married since 2018 and since then, had 2 amazing boys, Deacan & Finnley. Together, they live in Charlotte, NC as a base of operations and are proud to work with clients all across the United States. 

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