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Bespoke hand selected natural & lab created diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry for everyday wear. 

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Engagement & bridal

Connect with our experts to begin your engagement ring process!


Curated fine jewelry

Shop our bespoke fine jewelry or contact us directly to design your own unique piece. 

Image by Michael Surazhsky


Looking for a timepiece? We can source whatever you are looking for! 

Modern take on a timeless tradition

Bespoke jewelry process

Digital Gadgets

Chat with us

The process starts with an initial phone call consultation or local meeting to discuss your vision and budget. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you have about diamonds or setting designs

Shopping Online

Diamond selection

We will source a selection of stones for you based on your desired quality and budget. You will receive a comprehensive diamond education and be able to see and hand select each stone that goes into your ring.

Don't worry if you aren't local! We will conduct an in depth video call to go over all the diamonds.

Ring design & creation

We will take your ideas and inspiration and bring them to life, with a critical eye towards timeless design and durability. All custom designs receive a digital 3D CAD of your design for approval. Your ring is then handcrafted by master bench-jewelers.

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